Our concert is Wednesday 12/13, at 7:30 in the YHS Auditorium.  Students will need to arrive by 7:00 to warm up.

Please review the dress requirements below for our concert (as found in the Band Handbook, which you all received back in September).  Our professional and unified visual appearance is an important part of each performance. Hopefully some items are already part of your student’s wardrobe, and all are available at your local department store.   Please contact Mrs Kluga with any questions.

*In particular, ladies’ skirts must fall below the knee.  Please wear black dress pants if you can’t find a skirt that falls below the knee*

Concert Dress – (as found in the YHS Band Handbook).

Photos of good examples of concert dress for boys and girls are attached.



·       Black dress pants or LONG black skirt. LADIES, LONG MEANS YOUR SKIRT FALLS BELOW THE KNEE.  (no black jeans/jeggings/tights/yoga pants)

·       Black Blouse– longish sleeves (no sleeveless shirts or spaghetti straps)

·       Black stockings

·       Black Shoes (no flip flops)


·       Black Dress Pants (no black jeans/track pants/sweat pants)

·       Black, Button-Down, Long Sleeved Shirt

·       Black Socks.

·       Black Shoes