Alumni Association

Recently, some of our YHS Band graduates have decided to connect band alumni and their parents by creating an alumni association.

The four main purposes of the alumni association are:

  1. To create a network of people who share a common background in the YHS Band program and use it to aid in professional opportunities and knowledge.
  2. To give back to the YHS Band program.
  3. To inform current band students about the rich history of the program and to inspire students to maintain its traditions.
  4. To foster and maintain strong relationships between band alumni

We have started this association by creating a new YHS Bands alumni Facebook group, which can be accessed by all alumni and their parents upon request at this link:

We intend to use this Facebook group as a way to keep alumni connected with the YHS Band program as well as to assist with professional networking opportunities. 

Some of our future plans include creating a page on the YHS Bands website, a database of alumni contact info, doing a scholarship fund for YHS Band seniors, and forming professional networking events for alumni.

The first project we would like to take on is writing and sending emails to incoming freshmen about our time in the YHS Band program and how it has positively influenced our lives. More information about this as well as the general goals of the YHS Band Alumni Association can be found in the Facebook group.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any comments, questions, and/or ideas. Feel free to share this email with any YHS Band alumni/parent of an alumni who might be interested. We look forward to hearing from you.