As part of our Swing Dance, we hold a really amazing raffle.  Each year we ask families and local businesses for prize donations, which are then organized into themed baskets.  Are you interested in helping with the raffle?  Here is how:

  1. Each year we have a “grand prize.” For the past bunch of years, a local family very generously donated 4 Knicks tickets – but now that family has graduated and moved on.  Is there anyone in our current YHS Band Family that has a connection that could be used? Some ideas (grand prize, and otherwise) from our raffle committee are:
  2. Tickets to concerts or sporting events
  3. A weekend away at a timeshare
  4. Personal chef for an evening dinner party
  5. College essay help / tutoring help
  6. Any other business offering or idea

  1. If you do have a business contact that would be willing to support our event, a letter is attached (on official YHS Band letterhead) outlining the donation process.

  1. Do you have wicker gift baskets you are not using?  Our raffle committee would love to use them!  They will fill and wrap the baskets with prize items.  Please send baskets into school by Friday 2/2.