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Are attached for your enjoyment! Special thanks to the Chee family and the Milhaven family for their time capturing our event on film!

Congratulations again to all YHS Band students on creating a positive and unifying experience for our district-wide 5-12 Band program! Please also see the beautiful congratulatory letter from Dr. Hattar that was sent home with each student via back-pack mail last week. We are all so proud of you!


Spring Festival season is upon us! Both the Concert Band (Sat. 5/12) and the Wind Ensemble (Sat thru Mon 4/21-23) will each attend a music festival that I created just for them; each group will perform before a panel of adjudicators AND experience an on-stage clinic with the adjudicators, as they coach the students on how to achieve better musicianship.  I am so excited for them to learn from this musical experience!

All students have a homework assignment due at their weekly band lesson. You should hear your student practicing at home.  Professional recordings of our festival music are available for download on your student’s YHS Band Dashboard. I am always available for help by appointment.



o   Perfect the notes and rhythms for our song “Nurture” from measures 41- end at quarter note = 60. Use a metronome to practice.

o   NYSSMA Solo, learn the first part (the number of measures depends on the lesson group)

·       Review:

o   Memorize the Db concert scale at quarter note = 100. Use a metronome to practice.

o   Perfect the notes and rhythms for our song “Nurture” from measures 1-25 at quarter note = 70. Use a metronome to practice.

o   All of your measures should be numbered, in both festival pieces.


  • Festive Overture top – rehearsal 13 should be perfected for notes and rhythms at the tempi listed above.
    • Listen to rehearsal 13-21. Follow along with your music to see how your part fits.
    • Use the warm ups listed above.
    • Use a metronome, in the method listed above, to perfect the notes and rhythms of this section.
  • Elegy for a Young American
    • Listen with your music in front of you. Follow along with the music to help you learn your part and how it fits within the piece as a whole.
    • TECHNICAL WU THAT WILL HELP YOU MASTER OUR MUSIC: Memorize Eb minor concert and Eb major concert. Play each scale as long tones (4 beats or greater), with a tuner.
      • Use amazing breath support to help you create a gorgeously full sound (forte).
      • While focusing on creating a gorgeous sound, look at the tuner for notes that are in tune and out of tune. Mark your music with any changes you need to make to play in tune.
    • Practice from the top to rehearsal 5.
      • Metronome at quarter note = 54.
      • All notes and rhythms perfected. Intonation problems addressed.
      • Play with the most gorgeous sound and phrasing you can muster. This piece needs to be dripping with emotion and musicality.


Congratulations to YHS Jazz Band students Javier Alvarez (sophomore, Concert Orchestra, bass), and Justin Chee (sophomore, Wind Ensemble, alto sax) on representing YHS at this week’s All County Jazz Concert!  Javier and Justin won these coveted spots based on the scores they earned at the All County Jazz audition in January.  The boys played alongside other high school jazz musicians from across Westchester County, participating in rehearsals, an improvisation clinic, and concert. We are so proud of you!


A fantastic opportunity for your child to experience a week (or more!) of musical study, surrounded by college level teachers, enthusiastic counselors, and new band friends from other towns, counties, and states!  A huge variety of camps are available (both near and far!).  An informational handout is attached.  Please contact me with questions.


The most famous flute player alive – you have heard his musical virtuosity on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and many others! The Grammy and world famous flute player presents an evening of classical and Irish music, joined by his wife, the virtuoso flutist, Lady Jeanne Galway, along with pianist Michael McHale. Tickets: $45 premium reserved seats, $25 general seating, $15 students. 7:30 p.m. March 24. First Reformed Church, 18 South Broadway, Nyack, artsrock.org


Auditions for the 2018-2019 Wind Ensemble will take place 4/23 – 4/27 (Monday– Friday).  Students wishing to audition should review the audition information sheet (attached) with you.  If your student is interested in auditioning, I strongly suggest that they also participate in NYSSMA.  The Wind Ensemble audition information sheet/permission slip is attached and is also available in the band room.  FORMS ARE DUE WEDNESDAY 3/28.