CONCERT DRESS (a.k.a “Concert Black”):

Concert dress requirements are clearly outlined below.

Photos of good examples of concert dress for ladies and gentlemen are attached.

A short video of appropriate concert dress can also be found here:

*In particular, ladies’ skirts must fall below the knee.  Please wear black dress pants if you can’t find a skirt that falls below the knee*

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


·       Black dress pants or LONG black skirt. LADIES, LONG MEANS YOUR SKIRT FALLS BELOW THE KNEE.  (no black jeans/jeggings/tights/yoga pants)

·       Black Blouse– longish sleeves (no sleeveless shirts or spaghetti straps)

·       Black stockings

·       Black Shoes (no flip flops)


·       Black Dress Pants (no black jeans/track pants/sweat pants)

·       Black, Button-Down, Long Sleeved Shirt

·       Black Socks

·       Black Shoes