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Our next concert performance is Saturday 2/9/19 at 7:00, in the YHS GYM.  This is our 11th annual Swing Dance and Concert.  All YHS Band students are required to attend.  It is both a concert, and a dance, and everyone is invited! This is a well-attended and fun evening for our entire Yorktown community (last year we had 300 audience members ages 2 – 92!).

What: Valentine’s Swing Dance Concert

When: Saturday 2/9

Time: Dance Lesson 7-8pm / Music and Dancing 8-10:30pm

Where: YHS Gym

Cost: $10 for adults / $5 for students and seniors.  Tickets sold at the door.  YHS Band students are free.


A flyer advertising our Swing Dance is attached.  Please feel free to post at your place of work, place of worship, or anywhere you think people would be interested. 


As usual, many parent volunteers will be needed to make this evening a success.  Please look for an e-mail from parent organizer Margaret Serafin with ways you can sign up to help.  


As part of our Swing Dance, we hold a really amazing raffle.  Each year we ask families and local businesses for prize donations, which are then organized into themed baskets.  Are you interested in helping with the raffle?  Here is how:

1.     Each year we have a “grand prize.” For the past bunch of years, a local family very generously donated 4 Knicks tickets – but now that family has graduated and moved on.  Is there anyone in our current YHS Band Family that has a connection that could be used? Some ideas (grand prize, and otherwise) from our raffle committee are:

a.      Tickets to concerts or sporting events

b.     A weekend away at a timeshare

c.      Personal chef for an evening dinner party

d.     College essay help / tutoring help

e.      Any other business offering or idea

2.     If you do have a business contact that would be willing to support our event, a letter is attached (on official YHS Band letterhead) outlining the donation process.

3.     The raffle committee is also looking for the following basket wrapping supplies:

a.      Shrink wrap bags (L/XL, can be found at AC Moore, Michael’s, Dollar Store at JV Mall

b.     Bows

c.      Curling ribbons

d.     Crinkle cut paper shred (ex. “Deco Shred”, Wrap N Style”)

e.      Metallic foil shred filler

Any of the above items would be greatly welcomed and very helpful! Please send all items into school with your student by Friday 1/25. THANK YOU!


We have many homemade decorations planned for our event and will need lots of help to create them!  All students are invited:

1.     To help decorate the gym on Saturday 2/9 from 9:00am – 4:00pm

2.     To CLEAN UP from 10:30-11:30pm. 

Sign-up sheets for all above dates and times are available in the band room.  As always, students will receive extra credit for their extra efforts!  Thank you in advance for donating your time to make our event a success for our learning community, and our greater Yorktown Heights community!


On Friday, March 1st, the YCSD Band Program will hold its 6th Annual Town-Wide Band Concert (a.k.a. BANDAPALOOZA!) in the YHS Gym.  All band students grades 5-12 will participate.  This is a wonderful experience for all of our students – fostering positive relationships between all levels, and allowing our youngest band students and parents to see the full progression of our band program. 

Parent volunteers needed!

If you are interested in helping us achieve this intensely logistical feat, we would love your help!  Please e-mail me.


The recordings of our Winter Concert are now available for download or live stream at www.yhsbands.com. Click the “Recordings” link at the top of the page, and then click “Winter Concert 2018.”

Many thanks to student webmaster Ryan Serafin (class of 2019) for his work posting these audio files. We hope you and your family enjoy listening! To the band students – you should be so proud of your concert performance!


Many, many thanks to our army of parent and student volunteers who helped make our citrus delivery day run so smoothly! Whether you donated snacks, or your valuable time, it takes our collective herculean effort to organize and distribute all 1,500+ boxes. Thank you all so much!

Extra special thanks to the band dads who donated their time and labor unloading the truck, and especially Mrs. Theresa Ryan-Onatzevitch and Mrs. Adriana Beaudreault for masterfully organizing the parent volunteers and food donations.  We had both an abundance of help and food! And more thanks to Mrs. Ryan-O, Mrs. Beaudreault, and to Mrs. Laura Lee Milhaven, for donating their entire day to ensure that our logistics ran smoothly!


Our next concert performance is Saturday 2/9/19 at 7:00, in the YHS GYM.  This is our 10th annual Swing Dance and Concert.  All YHS Band students are required to attend.  It is both a concert, and a dance, and everyone is invited!  (Yes, parents, you are invited!  Don’t let your student tell you otherwise J).  This is an eagerly anticipated, well-attended and fun evening for our entire Yorktown community (last year we had many senior citizens attend and enjoy the evening with us!).  More details to follow.