ALL: Sight Reading Factory (one assignment due daily Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). No Flipgrid video assignments this week.

WE: Acapella Assignment #2 (Minimalist Dances m.132-169) Due Friday 4/17. Please use your daily practice this week to brush up on this section of your music. Some take-aways and reminders from last week’s Acapella assignment:

1. You must wear headphones when you are recording.

2. Wear your YHS Band polo.

3. Follow the tempo and listen to the other members of your group. Be confident, and correct, with your entrances.

4. Play at a reasonable volume so you do not overpower the microphone

5. Do your best! Play with dynamics and a beautiful tone!

CB: Acapella Assignment #1 (Small Group Virtual Ensembles). Due Friday 4/17. Please see attached document with information on how to complete this project.

Preview attachment CB Acapella Project Directions 4-13-20.pdfCB Acapella Project Directions 4-13-20.pdf73 KB

Preview attachment CB Small Ensemble Groups.pdfCB Small Ensemble Groups.pdf58 KB