Quick Update

  1. If any student (iPhone only) still needs free access to the Acapella app, please download it here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/7qQf7O1g   The company has given us access to free downloads – but the window of signing up to use them is closing.
  2. All Concert Band and Wind Ensemble Students have a group project, using the Acapella app, that is due today. Details regarding this assignment can be found in Ms. Kluga’s previous distance learning update (from 4/13), and on your student’s YHS Band Dashboard. Android users have been asked to reach out to her so she can provide them with an alternative way to participate.
  3. NHS tutoring help is available. Seniors in NHS are available for tutoring hours by request. If any band student would like extra help (with band, or any other subject), please reach out to Ms. Kluga and she will put you in touch with an NHS member. The tutoring sessions would take place via Zoom or GoogleMeet.

 Wishing you all well. As always, please contact Ms. Kluga with questions.