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Band students have had 7 lessons so far this quarter, each one building on skills from the previous, and this week’s lesson was particularly challenging.  Young musicians need to work repetitively to build muscle memory – which doesn’t always sound like music at first. As our students practice at home, with other family members at home too, here is a reminder of how you can help support them 🙂

The Remote Musican Tips for Parents.jpg


Students can earn extra credit by attending a guided practice session with an upper-classman, or an extra help appointment with Ms. Kluga. Availability is announced daily in class. Ms. Kluga is always available for extra help by appointment.

Here are the rest of this week’s guided practice session offerings. Zoom links were sent via e-mail.

Wednesday: Horn, Flute, Clarinet, Jazz Band Trumpet

Friday: Clarinet, Trumpet

Thank you to our awesome upperclassmen for your time and leadership!