CAMERAS ON, PLEASE – Ms. Kluga has asked the students to please have their cameras on during our class time. This has especially been an issue in Concert Band, where it is an early morning start…

JANUARY LESSON CALENDAR – The lesson calendar and new lesson groups were reviewed in class today and are available on Dashboard.

THE MUSIC OF THE SWING ERA – For our next unit of study, we will become a “Big Band” from the Swing Era.  Students will learn how to interpret the jazz rhythms, articulations and style associated with this iconic genre of music. Students received their new music today!

NEW APP – This week in class, students will begin using a new app called A-ccompany. This platform gives students access to professional recordings of our swing music, with the ability to isolate (and practice along with) their individual part. Students can change the tempo, choose specific measures to work on, and choose which instruments to play along with. Ms. Kluga piloted this app in the fall with our Jazz Band, and the students found it to be a very useful practice tool.