Early this year, Trevor Griffiths (Junior, WE Vice President) came to me with an idea of how our students could continue to create a feeling of community, despite being apart. Using Discord (a social/gaming platform where students can chat via text, voice, and video) Trevor built a site for our band students. Trevor’s goal is “to use the YHS Band Discord to help members connect socially across CB and WE.” Thank you, Trevor, for your time creating the site and for thinking of a creative way to foster a feeling of Band Family among our students.

As a disclaimer, Ms. Kluga felt it was important to let families know that this platform is out there for students, however, she also wants to be clear that the YHS Band Discord is not monitored by her and is not part of our classroom activity. Ms. Kluga encourages you to take a look at the platform with your student to see if it is something that you would endorse.